Bare To The Bone

    01 Still Running Deep *
    02 Insightful
    03 Fracture
    04 Afterglow
    05 Bare To The Bone
    06 Respire
    07 While I'm Lying Awake *
    08 Onward
    09 The Storm
    10 Sunrise Early May

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    The story of Solar Scream started in late 2000 when - after some early attempts of playing together - Gabor Harich (guitars, later on lead vocals too), Gabor Muller (drums), Csaba Volgyesi (bass) and Tamas Kantor (guitars) decided to team up and form a band. Our taste in music has been formed by numerous acts of the rock/metal genre since the early 90s. The style of Solar Scream incorporates many modern riff- and emotion-centered elements, striving for a unique atmosphere and an individual voice. In 2004 we released five of our songs and a cover of a Depeche Mode tune on our first EP, Ground Level. It received quite positive press reviews and audience reactions.

    In 2006 Csaba was replaced by bass player David Antal (Nervous Playground, NoiseField, Annie Hall, R-Clone). Our first full-length album was already recorded with his assistance. The CD is entitled Divider, released by Edge Records in November 2007. The album contains 11 songs which are more colorful, mature and direct, featuring a much better vocal performance owing to the expertise of Bakery Studio and Peter Frisko's huge assistance in the vocal recordings. The responses were absolutely positive, the CD was nominated at the Hungarian Metal Awards in the category Best Debut Album. The concert video edited for the song When I Need You Most was released on the 2008 DVD compilation of Hammer World, while the band was given the chance to support The Ocean and soon after Lake Of Tears. The latter gig saw Csaba Volgyesi on bass, returning to the band again.

    The second album of the band defining its style simply as melodic modern metal is called Bare To The Bone, including 10 deep-going songs in about 60 minutes. The tunes were written between 2006 and 2009, some of them being part of our live performances for years, but the professional approach and perfectionism of recording engineer Gabor Vari has granted the production a stunning quality, so that the new album can truly be called the most important and most outstanding milestone in Solar Scream's carreer so far. The lyrics of the songs revolve around one topic: the collision of conventions and individual desires.